Setup RMMV Toybox as RPG Maker MV tools

In my previous post I forgot to mention that RMMV Toybox can be integrated as a tool in RPG Maker MV application, next to Sakan and Mado.
Dreamsavior's Toybox, an RPG Maker MV tools

This feature will make it easier for us to access RMMV Toybox from RPG Maker MV.
However, as we all know, Enterbrain is not very open about how to develop tools for RPG Maker MV. So this is actually just work around to access RMMV Toybox through console application. So do not be surprised if there is a console box that is open briefly after pressing RMMV Toybox button.

Here is tutorial how to setup RMMV Toybox as a tool in RPG Maker MV


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