RPG Maker MV Save Editor

Currently there are many choice for editing save data of RPG Maker MV.

They're good, but most of the save editors out there just focused on parameters and numbers. For example, we can add the number of armor with ID 3 in the inventory, without knowing what exactly the armor with ID 3 is.

So I created a save editor for RPG Maker MV that integrated with the game database, so that we can know that the armor with ID 3 is (ie) "Leather Vest".

Variables and Switches also properly labeled. This will make it easier for us to manipulate the data we want. It also minimizes the chance of us messing up our games due to incorrectly assigning value of variables.

As an alternative, RMMV Save editor also utilizing JSON editors. This will give you more freedom in editing your save data.

You can select one of several view modes: Code, Form, Text, Tree or View only mode.

Where to download RPG Maker MV Save Editor?

RMMV Save Editor is part of RMMV Toybox.
Download link is available on the patreon page :

Or directly from GDrive :


  1. Everytime I make changes to any file and save it or save as a new file for save game editor. The file just reverts the changes back to default.

    How do I stop this

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