RMMV Scrubber - Prevent unused resource from bloating up your game size


An utility to clean up RPG Maker MV unused resources. This tools is part of RMMV Toybox, a collection of tools for RPG Maker MV that developed by Dreamsavior.

Hello fellow makers,

I know we already had a nice deployment tools integrated along with recent updates of RPG Maker software. We can now exclude unused files and make our distribution package smaller by a lot. That saves our time from removing or adding files manually, not to mention saves us from the risks of deleting important resources by accident. So… if you ask me “why bother making a tools that already handled nicely within RPG Maker MV it self?”

Well this software works a little bit beyond that.

RMMV Scrubber key feature :
Automagically detect used resources
Yes, RMMV Scrubber will detecting used resources in your project… just like RMMV deployment tools does. Instead of just detecting all resource defined in database, RMMV Scrubber will crawl into all of your files within data folder and find which file are actually used (You know, some of us likes to create a lot of custom animation … but only use small number of that in actual game ).


Detecting used resources that not found on your projects folder, preventing potential error.
In case you had accidently delete used resources, RMMV Scrubber will give you early warning.


Removing unused parts on your sprites, to scrub more space.
Removing unused parts of your sprites will make your file smaller in size. All done with a couple of click.


Custom formula/filter to capture used resource.
At the end of your production steps, you might already have a lot of installed plugins. You will use custom script calls or plugins command to handle several routine that not covered within default event editor, some of these might involving images, audio or even video files. These resources will not detected by conventional RMMV built-in publishing tool. By defining your own filter, you can now include all your resources mentioned in your script call or plugin command… or wherever … as long as it’s inside your data folders.


You can manage, import and export the filters and share it with your friends.

Giving you more freedom.
Please note that, although this software is trying it bests to figure out which resources is being used, given the nature of RPG Maker MV which is custom scripts involved … this software might not a perfect solution for automatically detection of your resources. For example, this software will not (or, currently will not) detect resources that hard-codedly defined inside plugin scripts.

But don’t worry, we made this software so that you can easily choose whichever file you wish to include or exclude in your projects.

Furthermore, you can manually choose which index of sprites you wish to include or exclude.


Completely Free

In addition of being FREEWARE, RMMV Scrubber is also an open source.

Where to download?
RMMV Scrubber is part of RMMV Toybox.

You can Download RMMV Toybox here :



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