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About Random Generator

Random Generator is a randomizer plugin for RMMV events.
Creating random messages inside an event can be easily achieved using RPG Maker MV event editor. But using built-in editor to create more advanced  random messages can be a bit tedious.

Let’s say, you have event 001. 
Depending on  your game progression, 60% chance you’ll get information of current dungeon when your character talking to this event.
30% chance of having conversation about certain assorted random topics.
10% chance she will give a very useful hints regarding defeating the boss quickly.
And that’s all are not fixed. … There is a factor that increase the chance to get useful hint depending on certain variable … such as “Character intimacy” or so.
And, while retaining those ratio … You want to add  a chance that event 001 will give a comment about how she liked your muscular arm when your STR surpassed certain threshold…. In addition of that, asked main character for a date. (yay!)
Of course, those scenario can be achieved using conventional method. But once again … it’s tedious task to code every single NPC this way. So, how about a plugins that can organize all of that within a single line of plugin command?


  • Randomize things.
    “Because some people said that life is so random...”
  • Makes things not too random
    “... others said that life is not too random.”
    You can control how random your events are by defining some ratio of occurrence,  condition, game progression flag, etc...to keep things random, but not too much.
  • Gives your NPC more personality.
    Depending on how well you code your NPC though.
  • Comes with a tool to generate this plugin.

Terms of Use

Free for use in both commercial and noncommercial projects as long as credits is given. Please credit “Dreamsavior”.

How to use

  1. Install the plugin using plugin manager and edit the plugin configurations. You can get more information about this plugin in the notetag part.
  2. Create or generate Random Generator data.
    You can read more explanation of how to generate Random Generator data below.
  3. Put your Random Generator data into a json file inside data directory. The json files must be named using following format:
    (without square bracket)

    Or… you can paste your data directly into Random Generator plugin (why not).
    Find “$DV['DATA'] = [];” and replace “[]” with your data.
  4. Call your topic by using plugin command.

Random Generator Data

To create Random Generator data, first we have to understand how DV Random Generator works.
Simply imagine a roulette wheel. You throw a ball into spinning roulette, and waiting for which slot the ball is landing. 
In Random Generator, this roulette wheel divided into Blocks and Slots.
And this is how the DV Random Generator data looks like:

Do not feel intimidated by the sample code, creating this is actually easy.
You can get this sample data in the demo.

Explanation of BLOCK’s JSON data


Type : string
If eval value of this field are true, then  this BLOCK will be processed, otherwise this block will be ignored.
Example value : 
The data will always processed.
"$gameVariables._data[2] > 0"
The data will be processed if value of game variable with ID 2 is greater than 0.


Type: boolean
If override is true, then this block will always executed and ignoring other blocks regardless it’s ratio as long as the “condition” is true.


Type: String
The eval value of this field should be integer greater than 0.
The bigger the ratio, the higher its chance to be executed.
Example value:
For each 50 value of variable with id 1, One chance is added.


Type: Boolean
If value of this field is true, then this BLOCK will be executed as the last resort when all other BLOCKs condition is false or failed to process.


Type: Integer
The value of this field should be an integer.
This event data will be processed only if game progression is equal or bigger than this value.
You can define which variable that will serve as game progression in the plugin’s parameter.


Type: JSON string
With format as follow :
["map file name without extension", id of event]
Random Generator will use the content of event defined in this field as a block to be randomized. Each page inside the event will serve as a slot
When this field is filled filled then the “_data” field will be ignored. 
Example : 
“Linked_map_file”: ["Map002",1]
Type: array of RMMV common event data.
Contains array of JSON data in Common Event format.
Each element of this array will serve as a SLOT.
This field will be ignored if “linked_map_file” is filled.


Download here.

So, do I have to write Random Generator JSON data manually?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to write Random Generator JSON data manually. After all, a plugin is written to make our work easier not to make it more complicated isn’t it?
Along with this plugin. I also creating a tool to help you generate random event data.
This tool called RMMV Roulette.
RMMV Roulette is still in development stage. But all the feature is tested and usable.
Screenshot of RMMV Roulette
All event command from RPG Maker MV event editor are available.
RMMV Roulette is part of RMMV Toybox, a collection of tools for RPG Maker MV.
I’ll write about RMMV Roulette latter when I have a time.


Get the plugin here
You can download RMMV Toybox here :
Happy randomizing.


  1. Creating a reliable Random Generator Plugin for RMMV Roulette tool is akin to skillful heat proofing – meticulous planning and creativity ensure a robust outcome, adding an unpredictable element to your game development.


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